Booming Business at Northtown Music

          Northtown Music is just over one year old! And I am only getting busier and busier! People are coming in from all over Western New York to check out my fair prices and quality lessons.  The wide selection of band instruments here especially attracts young students looking to get a start in their musical career, and with my experience at Hutch Tech and Buffalo Performing Arts, I'm able to match them to the perfect instruments!

          And from there, it's truly amazing to see them grow and learn how to play Classical and Jazz. I can't even begin to count the number of students that I give lessons to each week, or the amount of minor repairs I have to make to saxophones, clarinets, trumpets, trombones, flutes, oboes, and more! 

          It has been a fantastic first year of business, and I can't wait to see what is in store in 2018!

Northtown Music Update

The Northtown Music Difference!

             - Fair Prices -

Spend time looking for the best products at fair prices.

Come try out instruments & mouthpieces, new/used.

Come into Northtown Music so you can try out musical instruments and mouthpieces with former Music Educator and Northtown Store Owner, Ben Boyar.

Oboes, Bassoon, Piccolos

Clarinets: Yamaha, Bundy, Selmer, Buffet, Selmer Bass Clarinets

Soprano Saxes, Conn Bari Sax

Alto & Tenor Saxes: Bundy, Selmer, Yamaha, Yanagisawa

Bach Strads trumpets, tr200, tr300, tr500,

Carol Brass, Bundy, Yamaha Trumpets

Trombones: Yamaha Trigger, Bach, Bundy, DOUBLE FRENCH HORN

Violins, Cellos, Violas, strings

Congas and stands, Timbales, Orchestra Bells, Drum pads and stands

Drums Sets start @ $250, Electric & Classical, Guitars & Electric Basses



March 16, Thursday - Don Petrino - Guitarist/Vocalist

of The Black and Blues Band - (Kenton Community Ed /guitar/theory/instr.)

March 21, Tuesday – Don Angelo Big Band, 7pm, store location

March 23, Thursday - Andy Bialek , Local Guitarist

March 30, Thursday - Bernard Kunz, Guitarist, from Gruvology

April 1st, SATURDAY,  8:30AM –10:30AM

JAM SESSION:  GRADES 5- 8 / Call for registration: 716-838-3835

Bach Stradivarius @ $1700, Conn Bari Saxophone @ $1000, Soprano Saxes start @ $500

Visit us @  Check out my online store.

Northtown Music up coming Buffalo/Western New York Events

At Northtown Music you can take a music lesson, rent an instrument or have your instrument repaired. You can try out numerous instruments in the store with a selection of mouthpieces.


*Quick Rental / rent an instrument for $89.00 for the school year.*Lesson to Own / take a lesson and gradually own the instrument.*Repair with quick turn around or will loan you an instrument.

Ben Boyar was a music teacher for 34 years.

 He knows the instruments and will repair them in front of you.


Dec. 28th, Wednesday, Northtown Music Holiday Party, 7pm, Don Jones Quintet

Dec. 29th Thursday, Night Jam 7pm, Dan Petrino, blues guitar – all invited

Jan. 7th, Jr. Jam 8:30am-Sat. for grades 5-8 to learn how to improvise.


Northtown Music has new & used @Musical Instruments Fair Prices.

Piccolos, Flutes closed and open,

Clarinets, Bass Clarinets

Saxophones (soprano, altos, tenors and baritones saxophones)

Trumpets (Bach tr200, tr500, tr300 and more)

Trombones and Baritones,

Guitars – Keyboards - Basses

Reeds, Strings, and more.


     We have a large supply of new & used mouthpieces