Northtown Music up coming Buffalo/Western New York Events

At Northtown Music you can take a music lesson, rent an instrument or have your instrument repaired. You can try out numerous instruments in the store with a selection of mouthpieces.


*Quick Rental / rent an instrument for $89.00 for the school year.*Lesson to Own / take a lesson and gradually own the instrument.*Repair with quick turn around or will loan you an instrument.

Ben Boyar was a music teacher for 34 years.

 He knows the instruments and will repair them in front of you.


Dec. 28th, Wednesday, Northtown Music Holiday Party, 7pm, Don Jones Quintet

Dec. 29th Thursday, Night Jam 7pm, Dan Petrino, blues guitar – all invited

Jan. 7th, Jr. Jam 8:30am-Sat. for grades 5-8 to learn how to improvise.


Northtown Music has new & used @Musical Instruments Fair Prices.

Piccolos, Flutes closed and open,

Clarinets, Bass Clarinets

Saxophones (soprano, altos, tenors and baritones saxophones)

Trumpets (Bach tr200, tr500, tr300 and more)

Trombones and Baritones,

Guitars – Keyboards - Basses

Reeds, Strings, and more.


     We have a large supply of new & used mouthpieces