Happy Holidays from Northtown Music!

Northtown Music is gearing up for the return of the Holiday Season with a continuously growing inventory of all things music! From bass clarinets to soprano saxophones, guitars to basses, and mouthpieces to music books, there is something for everyone. Whether you are a seasoned musician looking for a tune up, or someone looking to get a start in playing, Northtown Music can help you.

Mr. Boyar was a music teacher for 34 years at Hutch Tech and Buffalo Performing Arts. He has a unique style of teaching that accommodates all students during his lessons. Lessons at Northtown Music are $15 half hour sessions, or you can buy five lessons for $70! It’s the perfect gift for someone looking to either begin or excel in their musical journey.

Maybe your student has begun to accelerate in their instrument of choice, and they’ve begun to outgrow the instrument you bought for them! Come into Northtown Music and Mr. Boyar can help you find a better instrument that will not only last, but will also be at a fair price.

Whatever you may need, if music is on the wish list, Northtown Music can lend a hand. So come on in and play at a convenient location with fair prices!