September at Northtown Music

The 2018-2019 School Year is in full swing. We have rented out many instruments to many families in these first few weeks of September. But even as rentals have slowed down, that does not mean that we are not busy here at Northtown Music!

Mr. Boyar is giving multiple lessons throughout the week to students all over multiple school districts and of all different ages. Did your child just join his/her band or orchestra program, and you would like for them to get ahead of the game? Or maybe they aren’t a part of those programs but would like to hone their skills in their instrument of choice?

Here at Northtown Music, we can give your child that extra edge with lessons for $15 each, or 5 lessons for $70. The lessons last for half an hour, and are of a special quality: Mr. Boyar was a music teacher in the Buffalo Public School District for 34 years, so experience is not an issue when it comes to giving lessons in a wide range of musical instruments. Come in and try out a lesson!

If you have any questions, please contact the store at (716) 838-3835.